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How To Charge DJI Mini SE Controller

Hobbyists and videographers have shown much interest in the DJI Mini SE drone. It enables you to control the movement of the drone as well as the camera with a controller that is both portable and simple to operate. A battery that can be recharged provides power for the Controller, which has a run time that is extendable to many hours. The following is a guide on how to charge the DJI Mini SE Controller:

How To Charge DJI Mini SE Controller

  • Plug in the Cable That Charges It:

It is necessary to connect the charging wire that came with the drone to the charging port on the DJI Mini SE controller to give the Controller a charge. Next to the connector that accepts USB connections, the charging port can be found on the underside of the Controller.

  • Make sure the USB Adapter is connected:

The following step is to attach the USB adapter packaged with the DJI Mini SE to the other end of the charging cord. The USB adapter may be powered by connecting it to a source of electricity, such as a wall outlet or the USB port of a computer.

  • Check the Status of the Charging:

The automatic process of charging the Controller will begin as soon as the charging cable and USB adapter are attached. The LED lights on the Controller may show the charging state. When the Controller’s battery life gets low, the red LED lights will begin to blink rapidly. The red LED lights will be on continuously whenever the battery is charged. When the battery has received a complete charge, the LED lights will change from red to green.

  • Disconnect the Cable Used for Charging:

When the battery of the Controller has been fully charged, you should remove the charging cable from the charging port on the Controller as well as the USB adapter. At this point, you can disconnect the USB adapter from the power supply it was plugged into.

  • Keep track of the Controller:

After the battery of the Controller has been fully charged, you can put it away until the time comes for your next flight. It is essential to store the Controller in a cool and dry location, and you should avoid exposing it to any moisture or temperatures that are too high.

To summarize, charging the DJI Mini SE controller is a straightforward process that can be completed in a few easy steps. If you follow these instructions, you can guarantee that the battery in your Controller is always fully charged and prepared for the next time you fly your drone.

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